3 Oct

This Was a Hairy Situation

The Clogged Shower Drain

big hair

If you have long hair you have probably had to deal with your tub or shower drain clogging up from time-to-time.  I personally do not have long hair, but being a handyman I have had to deal with clogged drains due to hair on more than one occasion.

I got a call late last week for a clogged tub drain.   I set out thinking this would be a simple task of removing some objects from the drain and I would be done.   Little did I know what was waiting for me when I arrived?

Once arriving on site, I met with the client and she took me in to assess the situation.  There was standing water in the bathtub and she said that the tub has been draining poorly for quite some time.  She had finally just become fed up with how the tub simply will not drain, and decided it was time have it fixed.  She didn’t want to use chemicals to try and unclog this drain and I do not blame her as chemicals rarely will unclog the drain and it is bad for our environment.  I am glad she chose to not use chemicals.

Steps I used to unclog this drain         

I do have to admit I get a little ooged out when I have to put my hands in water that you know someone has been showering in, so it is a good idea to wear gloves.   I have a pair of rubber gloves that come up to my elbows to keep my hands and arms dry.  I know some guys in the business that don’t worry about that kind of stuff, but it does freak me out.

  • I put on my gloves and started to feel around in the drain…no luck.
  • I used a plunger to see if I could get the clog to clear. In this case the plunger did not help at all.
  • I brought in my auger and used it to go down the drain.  This is what finally did the trick.

The Plumbing Auger (aka snake)

Using the plumbing auger was the best thing I could do for this specific job.  This clog was not moving, and the way bathtub drains are curved around you cannot simply get to the clog without using an auger.  I have the type of auger that I can connect to my drill so I do not have to do so much manual work.   The picture below is similar to how mine looks.


I started the auger down the drain and soon could feel it reaching the clogged area.  I kept slowly having the drill turn the snake further down the drain until I felt I was past the clog.  I then slowly pulled the snake auger back out of the bathtub and to my amazement this is what I found.

hairy drain

WOWZA can you believe all of that hair?  I am not sure how long this drain had been clogged, but that was the most hair I had seen stuck in a drain in a long, long time.  This poor lady must have been living with a clogged drain for a very long time.   Once I removed the hair (and took a pic), I then tested the drain by turning on the water full blast.

The water drained immediately and my client was happy as could be.

If you find yourself with a clogged drain, please do not use chemicals on it.  You could damage your pipes, and you are putting chemicals in the drainage that simply do not need to be there.    Either get an auger from Home Depot, or hire a handyman or plumber.  I would prefer you hire me, but who am I to say?  If you would like to hire me then please contact me and I will be glad to assist.