11 Oct

This One Is Bigger Than Me

Had To Call In The Pros

parking garage

Earlier in the week, I was tasked with a commercial project down in Austin, TX that kept me pretty busy most of the week.   There were so many different odds and ends that they needed to have done and I loved the variety.  The project manager did have one task that was simply bigger than I could handle, and honestly I don’t even have the equipment to handle.   Sometimes half the battle of any job is having the correct tools.

The task was to re-stripe the parking garage.   Yeah that job was more than I could handle, but not wanting to let my client down, I pulled out my smart phone and started Googling.  I searched for the obvious “Parking Lot Striping Austin“, and low and behold I found a great company that was available to come right out to give a quote for the project.  Their pricing was great, and they were very much willing to work in the time-frame available to get the garage re-striped.


parking garageNot only did they re-stripe the parking garage, they also completed a professional pressure washing of the entire garage the night before they actually did the re-stripe.  David from Parking Lot Striping Austin showed us while he was out to give the quote for striping the garage, just how dirty and filthy the lot was.  He did a quick pressure washing demonstration of an area to show us how clean he could get the garage.   Not only would the garage be cleaner, but the striping paint would adhere to the concrete better with the area being clean.

You do not realize all the grease and grime, gum, oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, dirt, and debris that are all over the garage floor.  It is pretty disgusting when you actually stop to think about it for too long.   With the professional pressure washing we didn’t have to worry about that problem for much longer.   The pressure washing in itself made the garage look absolutely amazing.  Once David and his crew came in and actually painted the strips the transformation was absolutely mind blowing.

Our fire lanes are now once again visible, the handicap areas are clearly marked, and now our garage is fully compliant with the city and state codes.  David was amazing, he knew all of the codes and was able to make sure our garage did meet all of the codes fully.

Let me tell you my client was very happy with the choice of finding David and his crew to take care of this task.  Not only did they do a great job, but the price was very competitive, and they worked with the schedule of the business so they did not disrupt the flow of traffic from all of the customers.  We could not have been happier with David and his crew.

As I mentioned earlier sometimes half the battle is having the correct tools to work with.  Well let me correct that statement.  After watching these professionals tackle the garage, and paint every line straight with precision and accuracy, I would have failed even with the correct tools.   This job took not only the right tools, but also experience.   Put this line striping machine in the hands of the wrong guy (ie. me) and you would have had a curvy mess on your hands.  Trust me I know my limits and thus why I called in the real professionals.

If you know of anyone needing parking lot maintenance, please have them call up on David and his crew.  If you can’t find him then contact me and I will give you his information.