26 Sep

Is Your Home Prepared For Fall

Winterize Your Home Starting Now

fall leaves

Fall is here, and now is the best time to start preparing your home for winter. Here in Texas, sometimes this time of year still feels like summer and it is hard to think of preparing for the winter so early, but it is to your advantage to get your home in order and ready.   We are lucky this week the temperatures are somewhat falling and it is actually starting to feel like fall to me.

Things you should do now to prepare your home for winter

  • Have your chimney cleaned
    • If you burn your fireplace during the winter it is necessary to have your chimney cleaned periodically. This protects your family from a potential house fire, and it also prevents carbon monoxide from back flowing back into your home.  Make sure your chimney is cleaned by a professional.
  • Have your vents cleaned
    • Similar to having your chimney cleaned, you want to do the same with the vents in your home. Keeping your vents clean and clear will increase the air quality in your home, and also help to prevent fires.

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