30 Sep

A Sticky Situation

The Door Was Stuck

green door

I was called out to a home the other day due to a pantry door not opening.  Let me tell you the lady was about to go nuts thinking she could not get to the food that she knew rested right behind that closed door.

When I received the call about this issue, my first thought before arriving at the home, was this would be a possible foundation issue (and I would have to pass it off to someone else).  Foundation issues is typically what I think of when someone tells me the door is stuck.   In general foundation issues cause the home to shift, which in turn causes doors to jam.   However, when I arrived, I realized that a simple misinterpretation of vocabulary caused me to have that original thought.    Although the door would not open, the door itself was not actually stuck, but the door knob was stuck and would not turn, thus resulting in not being able to open the door.

I used a gentle turn on the door knob, and the thing was not budging at all.   With a little more force I was able to actually get the knob to turn and finally open.  The lady was so happy it was as if the doors of heaven had just opened up when that door opened.  Although I did have the door now opened, we were not finished with this job yet.  Now I need to find out why it was sticking and fix it so this does not happen again as soon as we shut that door.

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