11 Oct

This One Is Bigger Than Me

Had To Call In The Pros

parking garage

Earlier in the week, I was tasked with a commercial project down in Austin, TX that kept me pretty busy most of the week.   There were so many different odds and ends that they needed to have done and I loved the variety.  The project manager did have one task that was simply bigger than I could handle, and honestly I don’t even have the equipment to handle.   Sometimes half the battle of any job is having the correct tools.

The task was to re-stripe the parking garage.   Yeah that job was more than I could handle, but not wanting to let my client down, I pulled out my smart phone and started Googling.  I searched for the obvious “Parking Lot Striping Austin“, and low and behold I found a great company that was available to come right out to give a quote for the project.  Their pricing was great, and they were very much willing to work in the time-frame available to get the garage re-striped.

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3 Oct

This Was a Hairy Situation

The Clogged Shower Drain

big hair

If you have long hair you have probably had to deal with your tub or shower drain clogging up from time-to-time.  I personally do not have long hair, but being a handyman I have had to deal with clogged drains due to hair on more than one occasion.

I got a call late last week for a clogged tub drain.   I set out thinking this would be a simple task of removing some objects from the drain and I would be done.   Little did I know what was waiting for me when I arrived?

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