About Me

Who is Miles Fork?

I am a normal hard-working American that loves working on home improvement projects.  I do have to say it is pretty funny that I prefer doing home improvements for other people more than I do for myself.   I guess you could say I am like the plumber that doesn’t do my own plumbing.

I know my limits, and if you hire me to do something that goes beyond the tools that I own or can get my hands on, then I will be honest and let you know right up front.   The good news is I have a great network of people that I can connect with, and so far have yet to find a job that either I could not do myself, or offer a great referral.  For instance, recently I was doing some painting for a local business.  The owner came to me and asked if I could also do parking lot striping.  I personally do not have the equipment for that type of job (and I would probably paint crooked lines anyway), but I have a friend that owns a striping company.  I called him up and he was able to come take care of the job.   I only told you that story so you would know that no matter the size of the job you may have, please let me know and I will do my best to find the right person for the job.  I have friends in all types of areas of home services actually.  If you happen to stumble upon my site and need things like home inspections, fences, concrete staining, etc.  just let me know I can get you in touch with some of the best people in the business.

My Off Time

Covered in MudDuring my off time, I love fitness.  If I am not working you will typically find me either at the gym, or training for some type of event.   I love doing mud runs, and spartan events.  Here is a picture of me from earlier in the year at a spartan event.  I am the guy in the back, but love this pic.

I was covered in mud from head to toe as you can see.  But man was this a fun event.  I have met a great group of friends doing events like this, and that is how I build my network of people that can help with the odd jobs that I am not able to do on my own.

I also like to do mountain biking, but around here there are not too many places that are great for mountain biking.  There is too much concrete in the Metroplex.   I have found a couple of good parks that offer some off-road mountain biking, but not like what I use to do back when I was in high school.

That is about it.  I am a pretty simple dude.  I am great with all things “handyman” related.   I would love to get to know you and work with you more.   Please contact me with any questions or to get a quote.