25 Oct

Clean Up the Mildew

Save Yourself from Large Repair Costs

mildew on building

It is amazing the damage that can be caused by mold, mildew, and algae.  This stuff is horrible, and can ultimately end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair costs if you do not take care of it right away.   I was recently contracted by a company to do some work around their shop, and I noticed the issue they were having and I pointed it out to them.  They were later so glad that I did because in the long run I just saved them so much money in repairs.

The shop I was working at doing some other minor repairs, I noticed was having some mold or algae growing on the outside of their building.  This was a natural stone building, so the visual effect of this algae actually looked pretty cool thus resulting in the owner not thinking too much about it growing there.    Once I pointed out to him that he really needed to clean it off, he luckily listened.

My good friend Zach Stevens owns a commercial pressure washing company in Houston, TX, so I called him up to ask for bits of advice on how to clean up this mess.   I am so glad I called him because I was thinking I would just go to the local Home Depot and pick up a pressure washer and go to town on this stuff.   Once Zach found out the type of stone used on this building he advised me to leave the cleaning to a professional so that I did not damage the exterior of the building leaving it prone to further growth and lack of protection.  He also said that I may not be able to remove the stains that could possibly left behind from the mold or algae that is growing on this building.

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13 Oct

Is My Foundation Jacked Up?

Houston, I Think We Have A Problem!

foundationIf you think you have a foundation problem the first thing that pops into your mind are dollar signs. Foundation problems can be very costly if not addressed right away. Just with any type of maintenance the sooner you detect and fix a problem the less it will cost you in the long run.  Living in North Texas you know the ground shifts a lot, and seeing foundation cracks may be inevitable.  As your trusted handyman, I can suggest that you contact a reputable Dallas home inspector (DallasHomeInspectionCo.com) if you notice any issues with your foundation.

Here are a few tips or signs of things you can look for while indoors to help prevent small problems from turning into large scale problems.

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11 Oct

This One Is Bigger Than Me

Had To Call In The Pros

parking garage

Earlier in the week, I was tasked with a commercial project down in Austin, TX that kept me pretty busy most of the week.   There were so many different odds and ends that they needed to have done and I loved the variety.  The project manager did have one task that was simply bigger than I could handle, and honestly I don’t even have the equipment to handle.   Sometimes half the battle of any job is having the correct tools.

The task was to re-stripe the parking garage.   Yeah that job was more than I could handle, but not wanting to let my client down, I pulled out my smart phone and started Googling.  I searched for the obvious “Parking Lot Striping Austin“, and low and behold I found a great company that was available to come right out to give a quote for the project.  Their pricing was great, and they were very much willing to work in the time-frame available to get the garage re-striped.

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3 Oct

This Was a Hairy Situation

The Clogged Shower Drain

big hair

If you have long hair you have probably had to deal with your tub or shower drain clogging up from time-to-time.  I personally do not have long hair, but being a handyman I have had to deal with clogged drains due to hair on more than one occasion.

I got a call late last week for a clogged tub drain.   I set out thinking this would be a simple task of removing some objects from the drain and I would be done.   Little did I know what was waiting for me when I arrived?

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