30 Sep

A Sticky Situation

The Door Was Stuck

green door

I was called out to a home the other day due to a pantry door not opening.  Let me tell you the lady was about to go nuts thinking she could not get to the food that she knew rested right behind that closed door.

When I received the call about this issue, my first thought before arriving at the home, was this would be a possible foundation issue (and I would have to pass it off to someone else).  Foundation issues is typically what I think of when someone tells me the door is stuck.   In general foundation issues cause the home to shift, which in turn causes doors to jam.   However, when I arrived, I realized that a simple misinterpretation of vocabulary caused me to have that original thought.    Although the door would not open, the door itself was not actually stuck, but the door knob was stuck and would not turn, thus resulting in not being able to open the door.

I used a gentle turn on the door knob, and the thing was not budging at all.   With a little more force I was able to actually get the knob to turn and finally open.  The lady was so happy it was as if the doors of heaven had just opened up when that door opened.  Although I did have the door now opened, we were not finished with this job yet.  Now I need to find out why it was sticking and fix it so this does not happen again as soon as we shut that door.

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26 Sep

Is Your Home Prepared For Fall

Winterize Your Home Starting Now

fall leaves

Fall is here, and now is the best time to start preparing your home for winter. Here in Texas, sometimes this time of year still feels like summer and it is hard to think of preparing for the winter so early, but it is to your advantage to get your home in order and ready.   We are lucky this week the temperatures are somewhat falling and it is actually starting to feel like fall to me.

Things you should do now to prepare your home for winter

  • Have your chimney cleaned
    • If you burn your fireplace during the winter it is necessary to have your chimney cleaned periodically. This protects your family from a potential house fire, and it also prevents carbon monoxide from back flowing back into your home.  Make sure your chimney is cleaned by a professional.
  • Have your vents cleaned
    • Similar to having your chimney cleaned, you want to do the same with the vents in your home. Keeping your vents clean and clear will increase the air quality in your home, and also help to prevent fires.

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24 Sep

Jacked Up Plugs

Fixing The Plugs

Being a handyman service can bring some pretty interesting requests from time-to-time.  I had an interesting request earlier this week to fix a few issues in this older home that had some jacked up wall plug receptacles.  I was only told that some of the receptacles needed to be replaced, but I didn’t know what the issues were until I arrived.

Once I arrived, and started looking around, I found the issue right away.  Can you spot the issue?

messed up plug

Yes that is correct, someone broke off the ground of a plug and it was stuck inside the receptacle.  I am not sure how in the world this would happen, but it did.  Instead of trying to remove this piece, I simply was there to replace all of the jacked up plugs.

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22 Sep

Miles Fork Handyman Services

Handyman With A Plan

handyman at house

Welcome to my new website.  I am Miles Fork providing handyman services to the entire Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  I am not new to the game, but new to technology and producing a website, so please forgive me if it looks like a third grader made this site.  I am learning as I go.

I have been a handyman basically my entire life.  I don’t really like calling myself a handyman, but for the sake of this website that is what I am and I am ok with the title.  I grew up helping my dad do things around the house, and one day it just clicked with me that I am really good at doing basically any type of odds-and-end type jobs around the house.  I started asking around to friends and family to find people that needed help with different jobs, and before I knew it I was neck deep in work and have never looked back since.   I found that after a while I simply stopped looking for work and always it seems to find me.  Word-of-mouth is a great way to keep busy.  My philosophy is under promise and over deliver.  I honestly think that has been the backbone of my success.

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